PC and Laptop repairs and upgrades

Use our dedicated team for PC and Laptop repairs and upgrades

PC & Laptop Repairs

Is your system running slow, getting pop ups or full of horrendous malware? Having a hardware problem with your PC or notebook? Maybe you need a hardware or software upgrade to suit your requirements? Worry no longer simply bring your system into store where our fully dedicated team of professionals will resolve any issues you may have.

Web-Systems provide a full repair and upgrade service, undertaken on-site by our experienced technical staff on desktop and notebook PCs for a simple, low-cost Labour fee of £15 per hour (minimum chargeable labour is 30 mins). If parts are required we are also the area’s largest and most competitive independent stockist, which allows us to complete most repairs typically within 24 hours!* 

  • Hardware & Software Faults Diagnosed
  • Windows Reinstallations
  • Malware and Virus Removals
  • Notebook Screens
  • Notebook Batteries
  • Notebook Keyboards
  • Component Upgrades
  • Data Recovery

Notebook AC Charger Port Repairs

We are able to replace damaged charger ports on your notebook that have become loose or cause your notebook to charge intermittently. This service is charged at a fixed rate of £50.

Windows Reinstallation/Factory Restoration

We are able to reinstall/factory reset your windows PC or notebook that is experiencing software issues or just needs a clean-up. This service is charged at a fixed rate of £30.

IMPORTANT: The above costs are Labour charge only and do not cover for the cost of replacement components, should any be required, or return postal charges (should your computer be sent to ourselves via postal or courier service). Should an item be delivered to ourselves for repair via a postal/courier service, Web-Systems cannot be held responsible for any damage to an item or computer, or loss of item/computer, that may occur during transit by the courier; please ensure the item/computer is packaged well and addresses printed clearly. Please also note that we do not repair Printers, Monitors, any electrical components (keyboards, motherboards, video cards etc), games consoles, or notebook circuit boards.

* Our average repair turnaround is 24 hours Mondays to Fridays. Please note that no technical staff are available during the weekend, however systems can still be booked in for repair. Times may vary during busy / quiet periods and you will be advised of an estimated turnaround time during the booking in process by our sales staff.

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